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Kabelhaspel 20 m IP44

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Kabelhaspel 20 m IP44

Garant G CEE IP 44 Cable Reel For Camping/Yacht Marina.Practical and suitable for outdoor use, IP 44.CEE plug 230 V/16 A.CEE socket 230 V/16 A.Extension cable reel with plug and trailing socket.Innovative and ergonomic cable guide handle "cable pilot" for perfect cable-management during winding. Handle commutes on both sides and allows easy carrying and cable storage. For right and left handed easy to rewind.Rotary handle for comfortable rolling up.Reel body made from special plastic fittet to a galvanised steel tube frame.The BREMAXX cable is extremely sturdy, highly flexible even at low temperature down to -35 °C, oil- and UV-resistant and highly abrasion-resistant.Thermal cut-out protection, indicator shows overheating or overloading.Design protected. / Patent pending.Cable length: 20 m.Cable: AT-N07V3V3-F 3G2,5.Cable quality: BREMAXX.Cable colour: Orange.Reel-Ø: 290 mm.


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